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There's a fine line between "hobby" and mental illness, but there's a chasm between reality and "reality TV". Step into my reality...

About me
OK, by popular demand, and I mean DEMAND! I've added a wee bit about myself- a topic which I don't spend  a lot of time on. Squish the Mini to enter my world.
Although I spend a lot of time working on cars, I also enjoy working with wood. A few of my completed projects are here.
I also enjoy photography and not that namby-pamby 35 mm point-n-shoot stuff either. Large format is my bag (or bellows). Here's a few of my favourite photos. 

Photo gallery will be posted when I have a chance to scan my portfolio.

My primary pastime is building and restoring cars, Mini's mostly (couldn't guess could you?). I do this in my home workshop. Click on the shop to see some of the general things I've been up to out there.
LLH 815D is one of the Wolseley Hornet, Heinz 57, Crayford convertible prize car. The kids named this car 'Wallace' in anticipation of a Grand Day Out for a picnic in the car.      


Paddy, a  1965 Morris Cooper 1275 S, made his debut in 2005.
Hugo, a '69 Morris Cooper 1000 made his debut in 1995.
The Fabulous Trashwagon, is a MK II CORTINA vintage rally car - To be completed whenever I have time
Here's the BLOG for the restoration of a Bolens Ridemaster tractor that debuted in 2004
I've always had a soft spot for the homely old Landcrab. Follow this link for a look at Gromit, a 1969 Austin 1800.
This project car, TARDIS, a '68 Morris 1000 Traveler, is waiting in the wings until workshop space comes available
Competition history 
Follow the link to one of my long-term projects, documentation of the Shell 4000 Rally
Tech Section
The fuel injected 5-port A series project   
Dissertation on the problems of injecting a siamese port engine
The 8-port EFI A-series Project 
The 123/Mini distributor, the single most important new product for Minis EVER! (I hope so anyway)
Tech pages - all those technical articles I've been banging out, in one spot...well, all the ones I can find anyway.
In 2003 I installed solar panels on the workshop to augment the in-floor heating. Here is an overview of the installation and some performance data.



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