Wallace left the BMC factory on November 19, 1965 destined for Eustice Watkins, London, England. He was equipped with a fresh air heater and finished in Birch Grey with Yukon Grey roof and Cardinal Red upholstery. He went straight to the Crayford shops where he lost his lid!
LLH 815D was first registered 24 March 1966 to Messrs H.J. Heinz & co. Ltd Hayes Park, Hayes Middlesex England and awarded to Mr. Stephen Baguley of Farnworth, Bolton Lancashire. The local paper carried a small article featuring the lucky couple.


Mr Baguley owned the car for just one year before trading  it for a Hornet with a roof, because the convertible was too draughty! In 1967 815D was taken on a camping trip to Wales by its new owner, Mr. Roger Smith of Maidenhead Birkshire. In the next 10 years 815D had a very hard life because in 1976 it failed its annual MOT inspection and fell into the hands of a rather unscrupulous exporter. It was immediately shipped to Portland, Oregon in the USA and subsequently sold again. It remained in storage until 2000 when it was brought to Canada and, once again, storage until its turn in the restoration bay came up.


Many thanks go to Chuck Heleker of Seattle Washington for rescuing LLH 815D, researching the history of this car, and starting the Heinz 57 register. Chuck provided an extensive provenance package with letters from each of the previous owners, all the V5 registration documents and inspection certificates.