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Converting Hitachi distributors for use in BMC A and B series me, cheap? - update for Bosch distributors coming RSN
Ignition advance curve requirements draft version update pending
Tuning the Lucas distributor posted January 2002. Comments? Update waiting for final editing


Fuel injector database Last updated May 20 2002
Wheel application chart second version November 2001 got additions? Corrections?
Lucas distributor database There are errors that I will correct when I find time. Got additions? WRITE ME !
British standard wiring codes There's a standard ya know!


Cylinder head flow tests   This page has been updated with flow data from a new Elder 8-port casting
Windage tray for Mini Engines .
Make one for the cost of a small piece of sheet steel
Using silicone rubber to cast cylinder head port shapes   There are many uses for silicone rubber, but that's for the, um, "adult" sites
Halda odometer calibration chart Because if you run historic class you'll need this
TSD Minutes per Kilometre chart
Sun Distributor operation manual Nothing makes me madder than seeing a manual sold on Ebay for more than I paid for the whole machine! Here's mine, enjoy it, pass it around. Information should be FREE!! 4.3 Mb
Rotisserie for body restoration Here's a copy of an old thing I threw together. I suppose I should rewrite this...
Setting up a Mini clutch not as problem free as one might expect - link to a copy on Minimania - needs redoing.
Polar plot paper for camshaft documentation during engine builds my whole engine build sheet coming soon
Speedometer ratio choice data's there, not time to write it up
camshaft offset keys for cheap! Me, cheap?!
Fitting a Hitachi alternator in a Mini need to make the photos
Cylinder head dry decking need to make some photos
Differential gear ratio and tyre size selection data's done, no time to write it up

Last updated: 11/16/2007 .