The official register is kept by Barry Priestman of the Crayford Convertible Register. The following data is from DVLA records, Ebay sales and other sources on the 'net.

Registration Colour comments location
LLH 808D White not active UK
LLH 809D White active UK
LLH 810D White not active UK
LLH 811D White Exported
LLH 812D
LLH 813D Toga White active, being repaired UK
LLH 814D Birch Grey badly stored, scrapped 2006 UK
LLH 815D Birch Grey Under restoration Canada
LLH 816D Birch Grey active UK
LLH 817D
LLH 818D Birch Grey active UK
LLH 819D Birch Grey Listed on Ebay June 2007 UK
LLH 820D  
LLH 821D   UK
LLH 822D Birch Grey Restored  UK
LLH 823D Birch Grey unrestored - sold on Ebay in 2003 UK
LLH 824D White not active UK
LLH 825D white unlicensed since 1988 UK
LLH 826D Grey unlicensed since 2002 UK
LLH 827D White active. 1275 cc UK
LLH 828D Maroon unlicensed since 1984 UK
LLH 829D Grey unlicensed since  2000 USA 
LLH 830D White Not active, 848 cc Germany
LLH 831D Grey unlicensed since 1979
LLH 832D Red unlicensed since 1996, 848 cc unsold on Ebay 2006 UK
LLH 833D Grey active, reregistered 1984, 1100 cc UK
LLH 834D  
LLH 835D Grey not active UK
LLH 836D Birch Grey exported, partly restored
LLH 837D Grey Exported
LLH 838D White restored 2007 UK
LLH 839D  
LLH 840D Grey active UK
LLH 841D White unregistered since 1987, Destroyed UK
LLH 842D Grey active UK
LLH 843D  
LLH 844D White not registered UK
LLH 845D Yellow  active UK
LLH 846D Toga White Restored,  not registered since 2004, 848 cc UK
LLH 847D Green not registered UK
LLH 848D  
LLH 849D   USA 
LLH 850D   UK
LLH 851D  
LLH 852D Toga White (was Blue) reregistered 1984, active, mostly restored UK
LLH 853D white active UK
LLH 854D   IRE
LLH 855D  
LLH 856D White not active UK
LLH 857D White restored Norway
LLH 858D   IRE
LLH 859D White unrestored - sold on Ebay, last registered 1991 UK
LLH 860D  
LLH 861D Toga White Original, exported USA 
LLH 862D Toga White excellent, original condition, 848 cc, exported USA 
LLH 863D  
LLH 864D