Mini Sport  supplied all mechanical parts and some body panels
Newton Commercial  I can't praise Newton Commercial enough. Wallace is getting the third complete interior package I have purchased from Newton. Their attitude is completely opposite to the usual UK 'goddamn customers just get in the way'  mentality of most dealers. They are prompt, courteous, accurate and inexpensive, but most of all their products are perfect for an authentic restoration. They custom cut the carpets to accommodate the Crayford reinforcements. Top notch.
Email Brian Brian Cherrington at BM Auto Equipment has gone to the effort to reproduce bumper overriders which he sells for a very reasonable price. The quality is superb and they are designed to avoid the rust problem BMC built into the originals. Tell Brian you heard about him on the Heinz Hornet page.
M-Machine M-Machine, previously known as Mini Machine before BIG BROTHER forced them to change their name, supplied many of the repair panels and made the main floor assembly supplied by Minisport. They are a restorers best friend!
Ebay No need to plug the service, but without them I wouldn't have been able to find the original Heinz 57 contest brochure, the Brexton picnic set or the Eltron tea kettle. It's a very good source for obscure things and my only regret is that I didn't have the idea! If I had, I wouldn't be hauling my butt out of bed at -30 C every day and going into a 10x10 fabric wall cube to spend 7.25 hours of my valuable time.
RMC Industries Limited A local metal cleaning outfit providing an invaluable service to restorers. Also see the Paddy restoration and the Bolens Ridemaster restoration pages for examples of their work
Caswell plating Caswell supply kits for doing zinc and cad plating at home. For not much money all exposed metal parts can be restored to original. It's detail like this that really makes a restoration stand out.